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Kanti Mishra

Kanti Mishra

Kanti walks approximately 5 kilometres from her village to Samoolam centres in Gaya, Bihar. It takes her an hour to walk there, after which she spends her day working with the other women. She laughs, and listens to her friends complain and joke about their daily lives. She thinks of them as her family, and at the end of the day, when she goes back home, she looks forward to the new dawn, and what lies ahead.

It wasn’t always like this for Kanti Mishra, who had lost her husband and had suffered the misfortunes of poverty and unemployment, unable to provide for her family. Her children had no choice but to drop out of school back then, and she could scarcely afford her mother’s medicine. Surrounded by anxiety, she looked for a way out, and found Samoolam in 2015.

Now, she works as a supplier in samoolam, handing out needles and thread to the women as they need. She has fond memories of helping her sister out with crochet and sewing in her younger days. She never realised it would get her a job when she needed it most.

Now, her children go to school, and her family has long gotten rid of their financial worries. Kanti Mishra writes her own story now, as an independent single mother who supports her family with pride. Looking back, none of this would be possible if she had given in to her anxieties. But she is a strong woman who knows of the pursuit of happiness.

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