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Manju Devi

Manju Devi

Manju Devi had been looking for something to drive her sorrows away, and she’d found it within Samoolam. She’d joined in 2012, and felt happier than she’s been in years. She put a lot of effort into getting where she is now, and is happy being a working mother. Samoolam gave her friends to cherish, work to earn, and a place to belong. She is especially proud of how her ‘haath ka kala’ has helped her overcome life’s obstacles.

Perhaps the biggest driving force for her hard work was the toxicity of her home. She was an uneducated housewife with lovely children, but had an abusive inebriate for a husband. Her house had become something of a prison for her, as she wasn’t allowed to leave. However, she had seen her neighbour go someplace to work, and upon inquiring she discovered Samoolam.

She’d learnt a bit of crochet as a child by watching her mother and aunts work together. With those skills in hand, she hesitantly attended the training classes. She was afraid of getting reprimanded for making mistakes, but she overcame her fears and persevered with Usha’s encouragement and support. She can now make many of the designs you see today, and helps make samples.

Samoolam remains a safe space for her where she can openly laugh and enjoy her life. Her husband doesn’t approve of her working, but being earning member of the family has given her the power she needed. She fully finances her children’s education. She’s optimistic for the future, despite everything. She is stubborn in the best way possible.

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