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Preeti Kumari

Preeti Kumari

Preeti Kumari had known the monetary value of crochet since she was a young girl. After all, when her father had accumulated debt, each family member had to pull their weight. She sold crocheted handkerchiefs, table cloths, gate curtains, and more for ten or twenty rupees to her classmates in the government school. The usefulness of this skill didn’t change when she decided to join Samoolam.

She joined Samoolam in 2011 and spent her first few days in training. She was extremely scared and had half her foot out the door. However, the comforting atmosphere of women just like her slowly pulled her out of her shell. She’s now one of the people in charge of supplies, making sure they have adequate good quality material to create their products. Her skill in crochet, as well as her kind-hearted demeanour, made her fit right in. She loves working with women just like her, and treats Samoolam as her second home. She tries her best to learn new designs, with patience and willpower. She claims that she’s a slow learner, but she pulls through with time.

Preeti Kumari now supports her family with pride. She funds her children’s education by herself. She says it feels nice to stand on her own two feet. She’s learnt that there’s more to crochet than just gaudy tablecloths, and there’s more worth to her skill than she could’ve fathomed. And last, but most definitely not the least, she’s learnt to have confidence in herself.

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