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Savitri Dev

Savitri Dev

Savitri Devi remembers when she first saw someone crocheting little flowers near where she lived. She was charmed by the flowers, and wondered how one could make a living out of them. She asked around, and found Samoolam. She had with her the basic skills of crochet, and a willingness to work. That was enough, and in 2009 she had joined as an artisan for the Centre.

Savitri Devi started with just two or three simple designs, but she gets a lot more now. She takes pride in being an artisan. She reasoned that when it came to society’s views on a working woman, no one would stop an artisan from creating handicrafts. She was respected for being able to support her family, and being able to fund her children’s education. Her children often get to see her work since she mostly works from home, and they love what she creates. Samoolam gave her the room she needed to grow.

She wasn’t afraid of working in Samoolam. After all, she worked at home too. She was just getting paid for this. Additionally, everyone working at Samoolam was just like her, so what was left to be afraid of? In her perspective, work is not a choice, but something required to ensure that a bright future lies ahead for her and her family.

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