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Sunaina Devi

Sunaina Devi

Sunaina Devi had never imagined herself as a working woman. She studied till tenth grade, after which she promptly got married and had three children. As a young child, she never thought that getting employed was something necessary for a girl. That all changed once she realised the amount of money and effort that goes into providing for a family. She didn’t have a vast skillset, either. But one skill was enough, and with her knowledge of crochet, she joined Samoolam.

Anju Devi and her lived in the same neighbourhood, and were acquaintances before Samoolam. It was Anju Devi who had told her to try working in their Centre. With butterflies in her stomach, Sunaina Devi spent her first few days trying to get a grasp of all that they create there. This was quite advanced compared to what she’d learnt as a child with her friend. Nevertheless, she persevered, and has been working in Samoolam for six years now. Over time, she’s gained a lot of experience, and she’s noticed how much her skill has grown. But most importantly, she’s seen her economic status improve.

Life is easier now, as she can afford to buy whatever she and her family needs. She says it feels nice to be able to do whatever she wants with money in her pocket. She’s able to afford her children’s education, and people around her hold her in higher regard as she is an earning woman. She is content with the way things are now, and faces each day with a sparkle in her eye.

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