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Stories of Change

Samoolam is proud to be a grassroots-based collective that supports the lives of many rural women in Bihar, Gaya. These are the stories of some of the artisans in the Samoolam family.

Preeti Kumari
Preeti Kumari had known the monetary value of crochet since she was a young girl. After all, when her father had accumulated debt, each family member had to pull their weight.
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Manju Devi
Manju Devi had been looking for something to drive her sorrows away, and she’d found it within Samoolam. She’d joined in 2012, and felt happier tha...
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Meena Devi
Meena Devi has always had a simple outlook on life. She’s happy as long as she gets money for the work she does and supports her family. As for the...
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Neelam Devi
Neelam Devi is one of the newest members of the Samoolam family. She has had a pretty normal life, having studied till 10 th standard, after which ...
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Shyama Kumari
Shyama Kumari is one of the younger members of the Samoolam family. She’d studied till 10 th grade, which was more than enough time to realise that...
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Geeta Devi
Geeta Devi remembers seeing a group of women walk together every day, near her house. They looked like they were going to work, which made Geeta cu...
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Archana found her way to Samoolam because of admiration. She’d watched Anju Devi, who lived right across from her house, work skilfully with thread...
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Savitri Dev
Savitri Devi remembers when she first saw someone crocheting little flowers near where she lived. She was charmed by the flowers, and wondered how ...
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Neelam Sapana Devi
Neelam Devi has always found crochet admirable. In Gaya, many women made gate curtains using crochet for their houses, and her younger self found t...
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Gayatri Devi
Gayatri Devi has never received a formal education. Thus, she never imagined she’d be able to get work anywhere. She used to be a housewife with no...
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Mamta Kumari
Mamta Kumari is a young woman with passion, but no outlet for it. She didn’t think she’d ever get a job, and had dropped out of school in eighth gr...
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Rudha Devi
Rudha Devi is one of the first three women to join Samoolam. She’s been here for fifteen years. Most of the women know her because she helps train ...
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Anju Devi
Anju Devi was frustrated. Because while her family was in the depths of poverty, and her children could barely go to school, she could do nothing. ...
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Savitri Keshari
Savitri Keshari loved learning. She has great respect for knowledge, as it broadens the mind and opens up new frontiers to explore. She’d graduated...
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Savita Devi
Savita Devi quite enjoyed her years at college. She had done her B.A graduate in History, and had tried looking for a job. However, life had a diff...
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Ranju Devi
Ranju Devi had always dreamt of being a working woman and standing on her own two feet. She’d studied till tenth grade, and despite her desire to p...
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Chanda Devi
Chanda Devi had a lovely little family and a roof above their heads. She took care of them well. However, this was just part of what she desired. C...
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Sunaina Devi
Sunaina Devi had never imagined herself as a working woman. She studied till tenth grade, after which she promptly got married and had three childr...
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Kanti Mishra
Kanti walks approximately 5 kilometres from her village to Samoolam centres in Gaya, Bihar. It takes her an hour to walk there, after which she spe...
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