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Geeta Devi

Geeta Devi

Geeta Devi remembers seeing a group of women walk together every day, near her house. They looked like they were going to work, which made Geeta curious. After all, she was looking for some menial job to fill up her days. She asked them where they were heading, and to her surprise, they not only told her all about Samoolam, but took her with them then and there. “If you don’t like it, you can always leave,” she remembers them saying.

She never left. Instead, she found a place where she enjoys working. She stitches and sews for the most part, and helps with detailing the bigger pieces. She receives encouragement from the women around her to push herself to do better. As a result, her skills have grown more than she could’ve ever thought they would. She knew too little about crochet at first, and was never interested in it. Now, all her relatives praise her, joking about how she makes nice things which she never could make before. Her family had always said that only work if you can learn and put in the effort. And she did. Her children help her use the internet whenever she requires it. She finances their education, and they admire her.

Being an employed woman was the biggest change in her life. She’s glad she overcame her fears and started working. New things are always tough at first, she says, but hard work pays off. And with a collective of women supporting her, she has nothing left to fear.

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