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Mamta Kumari

Mamta Kumari

Mamta Kumari is a young woman with passion, but no outlet for it. She didn’t think she’d ever get a job, and had dropped out of school in eighth grade. Like every other teenager, she was trying to figure out what she wanted to do with her life. She had seen Anju Devi before, fiddling with the infamous hooked needle and thread to create beautiful flowers, birds, butterflies and much more. Curious, she asked Anju Devi what the purpose of those pretty things was, and Anju Devi explained that she earns money for it. She told her all about Samoolam, and Mamta joyously followed her to the Centre.

She’d found it. An outlet for her passion. She wakes up at 6, does the houses chores, then heads off to Samoolam. She gets to make pretty things, and the more she makes the more money she gets. Her mother encouraged her to work at Samoolam because it was a safe space for women of all ages. She loves learning new designs and creating better things with each try. She and five other girls around her age at Samoolam make use of the internet to figure out what could be made next. She likes wearing the products at times too, saying that the admiration she receives for something she made fills her with pride.

She enjoys her work, and she’s found a place to belong within Samoolam. When she goes home, she discusses her day’s work with her mother, who is skilled at crochet and lends her a hand. She is proud that she can financially support herself. She loves this taste of financial independence, and is excited to see what the future holds for her.

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