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Ranju Devi

Ranju Devi

Ranju Devi had always dreamt of being a working woman and standing on her own two feet. She’d studied till tenth grade, and despite her desire to pursue higher education, her family could in no way afford it. Instead, she got married and had a child. The dream lingered in the back of her head as she watched her child grow up, young and healthy. There came a point in her life where her child didn’t need her attention any longer, and she found herself constantly bored and alone at home. That was when she found Samoolam, and the dream of a working woman flared up in her heart once more.

She lived near the Centre and realised that women could get work there just for knowing the basic skill of crochet. Enthusiastic, she joined in 2016, and now works as a sampler, and helps create the crochet pieces available for our customers.

She admitted that at the beginning, it was really hard to learn the designs in crochet. It was mostly because crochet is learnt through trial and error, and she was afraid of these errors. She soon learnt that practice makes perfect. She now knows multiple designs, though she feels a little intimidated whenever she has to learn a new one. After all, the crochet done at Samoolam and the crochet she learnt from her mother as a child were quite different.

With Samoolam, Ranju Devi can both support her family and drive away her loneliness. She is surrounded by friends and people she can hold a conversation with while working and earning. She got more than she had dreamt of, and lives a sweet life.

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