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Rudha Devi

Rudha Devi

Rudha Devi is one of the first three women to join Samoolam. She’s been here for fifteen years. Most of the women know her because she helps train them, just as Usha trained her. She is skilled in her work and is known for her radiating positivity. However, if she’d told her younger self that she was a working, earning woman, she wouldn’t believe it.

She was uneducated and had learnt crochet for fun. She remembers learning it while playing with her friends in the village. She used to make gate curtains and tablecloths as a child. Then, when she grew up, she made sweaters, gloves and socks for her family. She never once imagined that she’d earn money for this skill, though.

During training, while different designs intimidated her, she believed in her skill with the hooked needle. Her father-in-law, whom she holds in high regard, saw the passion in her eyes, and encouraged her to go despite her husband’s disapproval.

Now, her entire family admires her. Her daughter wanted her to make the same flowers and clips for her wedding, and her young son loves watching her work. He jokes that, while birds fly, his mother creates them with her hands. She went against society’s expectations of a married woman in the past, and is now a proud earning member of the family.

She understands the importance of Samoolam, being a part of it since the beginning. Sitting together, laughing and working drives away the loneliness which they all face at home. It is a beacon of hope for them, a support system that grows every day.

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