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Shyama Kumari

Shyama Kumari

Shyama Kumari is one of the younger members of the Samoolam family. She’d studied till 10 th grade, which was more than enough time to realise that she hated studying. She decided not to pursue her education any further, and instead followed her aunt’s footsteps. Her aunt had been working for Samoolam for some time now, and she’d always been fascinated by the colourful crocheted birds and flowers. So, with a passion for crochet and pretty things in hand, she joined Samoolam in 2018, right after leaving school.

She primarily makes samples at Samoolam. She started with simple designs, then moved on to flowers and necklaces. She’s a fast learner, and had a thirst for learning more and more complex designs. She finds it hard to figure them out at first, using only her phone as a reference, but she gets it after her first try. She often remembers Usha’s words of encouragement, “pyaar se karo, aa jaayega.” Indeed, it is with this love and happiness that she manages to make complex crochet pieces

Shyama Kumari gives her family the financial support they need, while also pursuing what she loves. She feels happy doing so. Her mind is young, and she doesn’t know what the future holds for her, but she has a skill she’s proud of, and that is enough to instil confidence in her heart.

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