About Us

In 2009, we initiated Samoolam, a socially conscious movement rooted in grassroots activism. Our approach prioritized inclusivity and sustainability over immediate financial gains, and our design ethos focused on minimalism to create functional and affordable products. Our goal was to foster a community that valued social impact and environmental responsibility, and our dedication to this mission continues to guide our work to this day.

We aimed to create sustainable livelihood opportunities for economically disadvantaged rural women in Gaya, Bihar, India, the birthplace of Gautama Buddha. We achieved this by utilizing the traditional craft of crochet, to create functional everyday items with a single needle and yarn.

Our Mission

For more than a decade, Samoolam has remained true to its humble and grounded roots, thanks to our dedicated teams in Gaya and New Delhi. Through our comprehensive planning, training, coordination, manufacturing, and retail processes, we have empowered each woman in our network to become financially self-sufficient and support her family.

Beyond economic empowerment, we also strive to boost our artisans' personal confidence by providing them with basic training in English language-learning and digital skills during their free time. As a result, several of our women have not only become skilled artisans but have also ventured into entrepreneurship. Additionally, we also organize health camps to promote the physical and mental well-being of our artisans and their families.

This is a testament to our "modest mission" of creating meaningful opportunities for rural women and promoting their overall well-being. We are grateful to our teams and partners for inspiring us to stay true to our values and look forward to continuing our journey towards greater impact and success.

Design Philosophy

Our design inspirations come from both nature and everyday objects. Our team of skilled rural women use multi-coloured crochet yarns to craft an array of fascinating shapes, ranging from birds, animals, flowers, whorls, fruits, emojis, cords, tassels, laces, and more. These elements can be used individually or combined to produce practical items for women, kids, home, travel, and stationery.

Our product range is diverse, featuring items such as bird earrings that do a tiny Indian jig, a colourful and versatile neckpiece that can be worn as a bracelet or necklace, and a delicate scarf adorned with intricate floral 'tikkis' (whorls) at its ends; fabric-covered notebooks embellished with a dreamy cats lazing on it; a basket bag decorated with geometric charms, and hair accessories adorned with dainty flowers and animated stars.

We also ensure that our designs remain relevant to current events and trends. Our creations are made to reflect the mood and style of different occasions, festivals, and seasons, making them the perfect accompaniment to any outfit or setting.

Collaborative Projects

Collaborating with prestigious Indian brands such as Fab India, GoodEarth, Upasana, and Jaypore, as well as with foreign embassies in India, including the American, French, and German embassies, has enabled us to produce exquisite and high-quality products according to their specific design requirements. These partnerships have been instrumental in sustaining our efforts and achieving growth by incorporating the valuable lessons learned at every stage of the process.

Our commitment to economic empowerment is an integral part of our mission, and working with our talented team of rural women has enabled us to achieve this goal.

Craftmark Certification

Samoolam products have earned the Craftmark 'Handmade in India' certification by the AIACA (All India Artisana and Craftworkers Welfare Association) for our commitment to promoting the craft and artisan communities in India. Our skilled rural women artisans infuse creativity and passion into each item, preserving India's cultural heritage.