Stories Of Change

Samoolam is proud to be a grassroots-based collective that supports the lives of many rural women in Bihar, Gaya. These are the stories of some of the artisans in the Samoolam family.

Gayatri Devi

Without formal education, Gayatri Devi never imagined she’d be able to get work anywhere. Here she is aiming high for family’s future. She is determined.

Geeta Devi

She came in doubtful and willing to leave. Today, she is skilled, can use the internet and finances her children’s education, Her family respects her more than before.

Savitri Devi

Going through a rough patch, Savitri joined Samoolam. She managed her work efficiently and became a motivating force for her children.

Savitri Kesari

A graduate, Savitri had little luck
finding a job. She is now financially stable, respected by all, and has learnt more than she could’ve ever imagined.

Savita Devi

Being in Samoolam has reignited a long-extinguished spark within Savita. The friendly and supportive environment inspires her to keep working and learning.

Ranju Devi

Ranju Devi was married early, snubbing her desire to be economically independent. She found Samoolam and the dream of working flared up in her heart once more.

Sunaina Devi

Working with Samoolam for more than 6 years, Sunaina Devi has persevered. Life is easier now, as she can afford to buy whatever she and her family needs.

Mamta Kumari

She wakes up at 6 am, completes household chores, and then heads off to Samoolam. She enjoys her work and is proud that she can financially support herself.

Soni Devi

Soni Devi's family struggled to make ends meet. Joining Samoolam has given a new lease to her life. She works hard and wishes to make a positive change.

Meena Devi

Being with Samoolam since the beginning, Meena Devi has weathered many storms, and has stuck around through thick and thin. This is an admirable trait.

Archana Kumari

Archana dreamt of working, when she had to drop out of school due to family issues. She thanks Samoolam, for realising her dream of a respected working woman.

Rudha Devi

Rudha Devi, a homemaker and mother of 5 started job to support the family inspite of being discouraged by the society. Samoolam gave her a new identity.

Shyama Kumari

Sometimes responsibilities come early in life, but as one of the younger members of the Samoolam family, Shyama, surely knows her way with threads.

Manju Devi

Manju Devi was looking for something to drive her sorrows away and she found it within Samoolam. After joining in 2012, she is a much happier person.

Neelam Devi

Passion for crochet turned into a full time profession with vigorous training and sheer dedication. Neelam Devi now wants her children to join Samoolam.